corporate responsibilities


Bloomina Agrilife believes in achieving success in ways that honor ethical values, and respect people and their communities.

Our vision of success involves offering excellent service, being a profitable company and giving back to the community whenever possible.

The many charity projects that we are involved in, offer the opportunity for us to make a difference in the lives of others and we are honoured to be associated with.


Our silicon-based fertilizers help protect our environment and promote ecological sustainability. We are committed to our company philosophy to make the earth a greener planet for our next generations.

  • Fast acting, soluble silicon-based fertilization. You’ll take pride knowing that your plantation looks great without harming the environment!
  • Natural and low toxicity control options. You’ll feel secure with our mineral silicon fertilizer that is safer for your workers and the entire natural habitat
  • A consultative, educational attitude toward service and solutions. You deserve complete, honest answers to your questions.

Our People

We strive to provide an adaptable, stimulating environment where people are motivated in their jobs. We encourage constructive criticism at all levels and willingly enter into meaningful dialogues where the objective is to improve our organization.

We want people to assume responsibility at every level of the Company. We encourage communication and feedback to and from all directions to enable everyone to participate intelligently in the Company mission and corresponding objectives. We emphasize continuous job training compatible with the Company's interests and that of its employees.

We listen to the aspirations of our people being receptive to new ideas and projects, and responding to their input. In general, our quest for profitability shall enable our people to benefit from opportunities for promotion, good compensation, and job security.