Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

6 How does silicon work?

There is no evidence showing that silicon is involved in plants’ metabolism. However, Silicon is well known to mechanically strengthen cell tissue through silicon accumulation in the cell wall.

  • In comparison to essential elements, silicon primarily improves the plant's tissue mechanically and secondarily, physiologically.
  • Stronger cells and cell walls leads to better traffic wear and pest resistance.
  • Stronger cuticle development reduces fungal attack.
  • Silicon and calcium both improve the cation and ion exchange between the plant and applied fertilizers making chemical fertilizers more efficient.
  • Most importantly, due to enhanced phosphorus uptake a stronger, larger root structure is developed yielding better moisture, nutrient, and fertilizer uptake.
7 What will be the yield enhancement?
In a range of 10% - 30% - depending on management inputs and environmental factors.
8 Potential rehabilitation / trial sites (Oil Palm)
  • Inherently poor yielding fields that require rehabilitation for yield enhancement, if any.
  • Yield enhancements for other average yielding fields, if any.
  • Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture in Beijing, China on the 13th -18th September, 2011. ( Read more at reference Site)
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9 Do you have any proven records?

Yes. In commercial vegetables farms, fruit orchards, rubber estates and oil palm plantations.

10 Do you have any satisfied customers?

Yes, please contact us for more details.