Jumerah Silica Tabs

Mr. Jumerah SilicaTabs

Mr. Jumerah SilicaTabs - A 100% water soluble fertilizer in the form of effervescent silica tablets. Formulated with potassium silicate and silicic acid from various silicate sources. A user-friendly, functional fertilizer that helps to improve the structure and fertility of the soil, increase plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and enhance crop yield. Mr.Jumerah SilicaTabs - A unique water based fertilizer for paddy and all kinds of crops nurtured through irrigation, hydroponics, foliar spray, sprinkler and drip systems.

Special Features

  1. Silica fertilizer in convenient, easy-to-use tablet form
  2. When thrown at appropriate intervals along the ridge of the paddy fields, the active nutrients can be dispersed evenly as the tablets effervesce and dissolve in water
  3. 100% water soluble and can be rapidly absorbed by the rice paddy
  4. Promote the absorption of silica, greatly improving efficacy
  5. Highly user-friendly, cost-effective in saving time and labor
  6. An ideal fertilizer formulated with specific design principles
  7. Improve photosynthesis and increase crop yield
  8. Improve rice grain plumpness and quality of rice crop
  9. Enhance stem strength to reduce lodging
  10. Enhance resistance to leaf blast, sheath blight, bacterial blight and other pests and diseases


Typical Analysis:

Total SiO2 (Water Soluble)............................................. 6.5%

Total K2O (Water Soluble) ............................................ 20%

Derived from: Potassium Silicate and Citric Acid

PH: 7-8


Normal SoilPaddy: 2.5 - 3kg/hectare. *For optimum results, do not drain off water from the paddy field for 3 days after use
Other Crops3.5kg/hectare
Marginal & Peat SoilsPaddy: 3 - 5kg/hectare. *For optimum results, do not drain off water from the paddy field for at least 3 days after use
Other Crops5kg/hectare
Dilution1 kg: 1000 Liters water

Application Methods

Paddy: After transplanting, water level should be maintained at a depth of 7 cm for 4 – 5 days for the application of Mr.Jumerah SilicaTabs.
*In case you miss the initial application during transplanting period, you can also apply Mr.Jumerah SilicaTabs at 25 Days After Transplanting with a dosage of 2.5 - 5kg/acre.

Suitable Time For Application:

Paddy: Just After Transplanting OR Between Tillering and Panicle Initiation stages. Dispersion and diffusion of fertilizer tablets would be greatly hindered if the paddy field is overgrown with sphagnum moss and weeds.

Other crops: As base fertilizer Or Just After Transplanting at a recommended ratio: 10% to 20% Mr.Jumerah Silica Tabs with your foliar NPK fertilizers as sustainable maintenance fertilizer.

Important Notice: The above recommended dosage of our Mr. Jumerah Silica Tabs is not inclusive of your routine NPK fertilizer practice.

Note: It can be used in the nursery and also together with liquid NPK fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and plant protein. Mix a small amount of Mr. Jumerah Silica Tabs first to test for possible caking or lumping problem when using it with other products.

Diagram to illustrate the use of Mr.Jumerah Silica Tabs for Paddy: Circle the paddy field and apply at 3 – 5 m wide and due to the foaming effect, the silicon fertilizer will spread evenly across the whole paddy field.

Note: Scientific research has shown that the level of Silica (Si) uptake in rice is much higher than N, P, K, and Calcium. Healthy soils should contain a minimum of 200 – 400ppm of Plant Available Silicon. Non toxic if overdose.

A yearly soil analysis is recommended prior to application of our Mr.Jumerah SilicaTabs.

Consult your agronomist or your supplier’s representative should you have any queries.